Image Portfolio


Here are some examples of graphics that we’ve done for recent websites, blogs, or social media posts.   The text is not included, just the images, but it should give you a wonderful idea of what we’ve been up to.  This page will be refreshed as we add more content!

Please note, that while all of this work reflects our blood, sweat, and tears– it’s made to the client’s specs and vision, which is why some of the pieces are constructed so differently!

We average about 75-100 graphics a week, so please look around or ask if there’s a particular style you’re looking for!





Photo Promotion Videos for PK Events, New Orleans Wedding Designer & Ibay Photography, New Orleans Wedding Photographer:


Listing Video for Kim & Yvonne with Pointe 3 Real Estate, Seattle, WA:


Video highlighting the ABWA Equal Pay Day, designed by PK Events, New Orleans


Wedding Video for Katey & Veronica, New Orleans, LA

Short Facebook video for Kanine Krewe, premier dog walking, New Orleans, LA


Important Tips on Getting Pre-Approved from Kim & Yvonne of Pointe 3 Real Estate


Mother’s Day Jewelry promotion video for Bowen Jewelers, Metairie, LA


Promotional Video for Kanine Krewe Premier Dog Walking Services, New Orleans


Married in New Orleans video, PK Events, New Orleans


An Important Tip for Escrow Closing – Kim & Yvonne with Pointe 3, Seattle


All images and videos  are 100% original and belong to Quatrefoil Content Creation, LLC, as well as the clients that ordered the individual pieces.  You cannot reuse any of these graphics without permission from us, as well as from the client whom the piece was designed for.

To ask permission to use a graphic, please e-mail us at or use the contact form on this page.